Admission Procedure

Application Form

ADMISSION TO L.K.G., U.K.G. & Std. I to VIII (ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021)

  • Date of issue of Application - 12-02-2020, Wednesday to 20-02-2020, Thursday.
  • Last date for submission of Filled-in Application - 21-02-2020, Friday, in the School Office at Lourdes Campus, Vanarapet, Puducherry – 1.
  • Application will be available in the School Office at Lourdes Campus, Vanarapet, Puducherry–1.
  • Original Birth Certificate is to be brought for reference on the day of getting the application form.
  • Recently taken Birth Certificate is to be enclosed along with the Application on submission

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    Age & Eligibility

    Candidates seeking admission to First Standard should have completed five years. The age for admission to other classes shall be reckoned accordingly. Relaxation in age is not permitted.

    Minimum age limit for admission to the various classes will be as follows

    • I - 6
    • II - 7
    • III - 8
    • IV - 9

    Admission Schedules & Procedures

    Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their ward(s) can write or contact Amalorpavam Lourds Academy to know about the school and for Application and Prospectus. Alternatively, this can be downloaded from our website also.

    Admission to Amalorpavam Lourds Academy is open to all categories of students, both Indian and Non-Resident Indians, irrespective of Caste, Creed, Colour or Religion.

    Completed Application forms along with the following documents should be submitted at the time of registration for admission.

    • Original birth certification
    • Community Certificate
    • Transfer Certificate from previous school duly attested
    • Overseas Students, Non-Resident Indians holding Passport should submit a Photostat copy of the Passport for verification
    • Medical Reports, if any
    • Aadhar card copy

    After reviewing the performance of the candidate, the school will notify the parents of the admission decision.

    Following the receipt of the admission notification, parents have to visit the School to admit the student and deposit the necessary fees.


    Discipline is a vital part of our school’s policy. It is the function of the school community, through a system of relationships, rules, rewards and sanctions designed to encourage and develop self-discipline within the children. If there is a persistent problem, the class teacher and/or the management will draw up an improvement programme to support the child in partnership with parents. If the problem continues, the school reserves the right to make a decision that suits the interest of the student.

    Dress Code

    Boys Girls
    Half Sleeved Shirt – Light Blue & White Strips Half Sleeved Shirt – Light Blue & White Strips
    Half Pant – Dark Blue Pinafore Skirt – Dark Blue
    Uniform Belt Ribbon – Light Blue
    Std I & II : Black Sandals with buckles – No Socks
    Std III : Black sandals without buckles – No Socks

    Code of Conduct

    • Be Disciplined: Behave well and be obedient to your teachers & elders. Cultivate good habits. Mind your manners.
    • Be Tidy: Make personal hygiene an obsession (Dress decently, wear polished shoes and have well-manicured nails).
    • Be Prompt: Home assignments are to be completed and produced in class at the stipulated time.
    • Be Punctual: Do not be late to school on any account.
    • Be Regular: Avoid absence from school often. In unavoidable circumstances, prior permission is to be obtained from the Head of the Institution. In the event of illness, intimation is to be given before the close of the school. In any case, leave requisition column in the diary is to be duly filled and signed by the Parent/Guardian.
    • Be Attentive: Enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge alone will induce attentiveness in the classroom. Do not be listless.
    • Be Socially Helpful: Keep your classroom and surroundings tidy. Avoid littering in and around the school premises.
    • Be Constructive: Do not damage your school property. Maintain them as your own.
    • Be Co-operative: Pay your school fees in time.
    • Be Respectful: Respect your elders, especially your teachers. Get into the habit of wishing your teachers where ever you see them.
    • Be Self-Confident: Self-confidence stems from having a good command over the English language. Our medium of instruction being English, speak in English always.
    • Be Virtuous: Confidence is the virtue that gives the Almighty the greatest honour than expecting great things from him.

    Message from the
    Founder, Correspondent and Senior Principal

    The 8th of June, 2015 is a day etched forever in my memory as it is a milestone in the career of my life as a teacher and an educationalist.


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