Health and Safety

The School has easy medical access on all working days. With a well equipped dispensary and a staff nurse, regular health-checks are carried out periodically, at all levels.


The transport facility is available for Std III students. A total of 10 vehicles ply in and around Puducherry to help students commute to School. Bus facility will be provided on a “first-come first-served” basis and the route details are available in the School office.

Power Supply

The power systems of the entire school campus has been well planned with highly skilled electrical architects and all safety measures for the immediate shut down of the power supply during emergencies and power short circuit has been provided. It maintains separate electrical room and UPS cabin whereby all electronic gadgets are powered by centralized UPS. To ensure continuous power supply, the school campus is provided with 200KVA acoustic fully automatic power generator.

Message from the
Founder, Correspondent and Senior Principal

The 8th of June, 2015 is a day etched forever in my memory as it is a milestone in the career of my life as a teacher and an educationalist.


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