Guidance and Counseling

Effective Guidance and Counseling is a very important program in our school. It is the process by which students are given advice on how to deal with their emotional conflicts and personal problems in school and how to incorporate the same in their daily life. Students are given solutions on how to deal with psychological problems which might affect their studies. Through this, the students are able to develop problem-solving skills which, to an extent will help them deal with particular issues surrounding their lives.

Sometimes, students along with their parents are brought together to make them understand each other and the parents are also guided on how to nurture their child and develop them as good citizens of the nation. This counseling has been greatly helpful in handling the adolescent students, shaping their behaviour and also in instilling discipline among our students. A person qualified in Yoga, who has completed a diploma in Acupuncture, advanced courses in Pranic Healing, and courses in Varma Kalai visits the school and holds counseling sessions for all the students on a regular basis.

Meeting a counselor/wellness teacher is arranged through prior information to class teacher/class mentor and on informing the office.