Role of Parents

Parents, the vital Partners

As a school, Amalorpavam believes in partnership between the family and the school. We believe that parents’ active involvement in education lies at the heart of the learning process of their wards. Together we teachers and parents can create a harmonious school life for the children.

The parents can meet the Headmistress during working hours and discuss any specific problem or clarify their doubts about the child. The class teachers and subject teachers are available to parents for individual consultation after school hours by prior appointment to discuss the academic, personal, and social developments of their children.

Role of Parents in Amalorpavam Lourds Academy CBSE School
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Parenting Principles:

  • Education is preparing your children for life, not just for school.

  • Stop underestimating your child instead start understanding the child.

  • Be the best parent and role model to your kid.

  • Gift the child character & best personality not money and luxury.

  • Say NO to comparison.

  • Learn to say ‘No’ to your kid for bad things that can spoil your child & find opportunities to say ‘Yes’ to guide and teach them something good.

  • Make yourself available to your kids and learn to listen to them.

  • Discipline your kid and avoid punishing.

  • Be aware and check your environment and your child’s emotions.

  • Teach the children the importance of being ‘Happy’.

  • Develop a sense of Gender Equality and Respect.

  • Promote natural and healthy food habits.

  • Ensure the kid gets adequate sleep.

  • Involve them in outdoor games and sports.

Discipline: Code of Conduct

Students are expected to remember and follow the given etiquette at all times.

  • Be Disciplined: Behave well and be obedient to your teachers, parents and all elders. Cultivate good habits. Mind your manners.

  • Be Tidy: Make personal hygiene a habit (Dress decently, wear polished shoes, and have well-manicured nails).good habits. Mind your manners.

  • Be Prompt: Home assignments are to be completed and produced in class at the stipulated time.

  • Be Punctual: Do not be late to school on any account.

  • Be Regular: Avoid absence from school often. In unavoidable circumstances, prior permission is to be obtained from the Head of the Institution. In the event of illness, intimation is to be given before the end of the day. In any case, the leave requisition column in the diary is to be duly filled and signed by the Parent/Guardian.

  • Be Attentive: Enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge alone will induce attentiveness in the classroom. Do not be listless.

  • Be Socially Helpful: Keep your classroom and surroundings tidy. Avoid littering in and around the school premises.

  • Be Constructive: Do not damage the school property. Maintain them as your own.

  • Be Co-operative: Pay your school fees in time.

  • Be Respectful: Respect your elders, especially your parents and teachers. Get into the habit of greeting your teachers wherever you see them.

  • Be Self-Confident: Self-confidence stems from having a good command over the English language. Our medium of instruction being English, speak in English always.

  • Be Virtuous: Confidence is the virtue that gives the Almighty the greatest honour than expecting great things from Him.