Founder, Correspondent & Senior Principal,
Amalorpavam Lourds Academy, Puducherry

Message from the Founder

School, The Second Home

Children in their wee years of life are dropped in schools by parents, each treasuring spiraling aspirations about the adulthood of their precious little ones. Few realize that learning begins at home; the mother being the first teacher. The school only builds on that! Even toddlers these days, are exposed to and are so attracted towards electronic gadgets and its technology that grown-ups find it impossible to wean their child away from them. This is where the parents have to be very responsible and curtail the use of these gadgets in the presence of their child. “Prevention is better than cure.”

School is the place that a child is introduced to, straight from his/her cozy home. School is the place that a child spends in, a good part of the day. The school then serves as its second home and the teacher, its second mother. The school is thus endowed with the liability of chiseling and shaping the child bestowed in its care with trust, into responsible human being who contributes his/her mite to society.

Education is said to be the spine of a nation and it is the educated youth of a nation that decides its future. It is this that we have in our minds when we work on the curriculum for the children. Our students will not just be learning books, but they will be learning life. The ethics that we infuse into them will be turning them into living examples of moral principles, tiding over caste, creed, religion, race or colour, they will be co-existing with fellow human beings and animals in peace and harmony. Here, they will be understanding the value of teachers/parents and all elders and will be learning to treasure them. The mental upliftment they get through prayers will be turning them into true ambassadors of God. All this will be attained in spaces ideally equipped with the latest in technology and in rustic surroundings congenial for a holistic development of the child. Due concentration is also rendered to the refining of the physical and mental fitness of the children.

Practicalizing the belief, “the true purpose of education is to train the mind to think,” we let the children experience the joy of innovative thinking and consequently, creativity is born. To churn out the innate talent in every child, skill-based education is also imparted so that children are able to reproduce great and noble things with what they have learnt.

Since “Discipline is the bridge between goal and achievement,” adequate merit is effected into nurturing the children with the sound discipline necessary to help them achieve success in their lives. While the school promises a personal caring touch to every child, it expects the contribution of the parents too in providing the knowledge and tools for a flourishing and buoyant career of their child. The busy parents must find/make time to spend with their child for a better understanding of each other and also be good role models, which is of immense importance for the well-being and right upbringing of the child so that he enters the world as a noble and enterprising youth; a blessing to his home, his society and his country.

I end with the happy note of expecting the best from the parents and the children who have been the root cause of establishing this school adopting the CBSE curriculum and invite you to our beacon of knowledge – experience to understand.

Thank you.


Founder, Correspondent & Senior Principal, Amalorpavam Lourds Academy, Puducherry